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 A little about me

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A little about me Empty
PostSubject: A little about me   A little about me Icon_minitimeMon Jun 24, 2013 4:39 am

so i decided to make one too.
so my name is linda. i have no middle name, and im not saying my last name. i like pink, and my favorite sport is iceskating. i am in the 4th hardest level. i just got in that level, so im not very good at the skills in that level. im 10 years old, and my birthday is oct 25 2002. i am in china with my parents but my brother is not with me because he just got a job and has to go to boston (hes 21 i think. i forgot. lol) i am going in to fifth grade. my parents are chinese, but i was born in berlin, germany. when i was 3 i moved to the US. then my family moved to another city when i was 5. it was still in the same state though. now my dad is looking for a new job and we will move again but probably in a different state. i used to do ballet, but then one summer i came back too late from china and i couldn't register, and ever since then i just never thought about doing ballet again. there is a girl in my class that i hated. she would always copy my work, and i cant tell her because according to my teacher shes and angel. sometimes she tries to steal my friends away, but the worst thing is about gym. she is kinda fat, and is slow at running. the thing is she always cheats when the teacher isnt looking and then the teacher thinks shes amazing. one test was about flexibility and she bent her leg to get a higher score. me and my friend was the only one who saw that. i know she isnt flexible because once me and my other friend was doing the splits and she tried to do it too, and she was horrible! im so glad its summer now and i dont have to deal with her anymore. im kinda sad im in china cuz i can barely chat with my friends because when im awake they are sleeping. i have an instagram. if u want to know it pm me. if you have any questions about me, just comment down below.
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A little about me
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