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 Weird Emotes in Diff Lang..

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Weird Emotes in Diff Lang.. Empty
PostSubject: Weird Emotes in Diff Lang..   Weird Emotes in Diff Lang.. Icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2013 12:17 pm

Ok so I was doing my Chinese homework like a good girl right? xD
And then I was typing in... 什么, and on the last option, there was this thing: ( ^_^ )?
I was like. WHOA. OK. I don't know how I didn't notice this earlier.
什么 means: What?
So there is this weird emotion thingy for what? I was totally spazzing. xD

I also found all these other ones like:
笑: *^ο^* Laugh
兴福: (O^~^O) Happy
哈哈: o(∩_∩)o Haha (Literally)
也: \(^_^)(^_^)/ Word means also, but the pic is the spelling yeh. like. YEH. You know?...
喝喝: *^◎^* Word means drink drink. Uh ya. I know. But pic means hehe. You know. Hehe.

That's all I can remember finding. But, there were definitely more.. If you guys happen to find any I would love to know. xDD *^◎^*. ROFL.
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Weird Emotes in Diff Lang..
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